Bohemond "Saniscus",
Prince of Antioch
Prince of Galilee

The Principality of Antioch was born of treachery, and for most of its life, lived by treachery.
The town fell to the crusaders in 1098 when a disgrunted Armenian defender led some
knights up one of the bastions. When the Emperor Alexios Komnenos demanded the city
be handed back to the Byzantine empire as had been agreed under oath, Bohemond of Taranto
refused, citing that the emperor had failed in his duty as liege-lord to aid his Norman vassal
during the siege. One of the main leaders of the first crusade, Bohemond had a long career of
opposition to the Byzantines which he inherited from his highly successful father Robert Guiscard.
A child of Guiscard's first marriage, Bohemond did not inherit the Italian lands of his father on his
death during a campaign against the european possessions of the Byzantine empire. Having
gained Antioch, he was captured by the Danishmenid Turks shortly after while attempting to
expand his territory. His replacement as Prince of Antioch was his equally talented and
unscrupulous nephew Tancred, Prince of Galilee. During his reign were laid the enduring
foundations of the principlaity, including lands taken from the Armenians, Danishmenids,
Aleppans, Byzantines, and even the Normans of the county of Edessa, while the city's mixed
population were ruthlessly brought to heel.

Strategy-Although surrounded by enemies, the Antiocheans are in a strong position.
Access to the sea, Edessan allies close by, and the almost impregnable city of Antioch are
strong assets. The only real danger lies south in the Aleppans, who can be counter balanced
by an alliance with Edessa, and in the west from an implacable byzantine player.Fencing with
the Byzantines can be difficult, especially if they remain in Lattakieh. This town must be taken for
security purposes. Cyprus is also an interesting and rich target, but shipping can get expensive.
The Roupenian territories are rip for the taking, but working out a partition with other players
may be wise.

Territory at start, Trade Items, and Special Rules
Towns at Start
Antioch (Capitol)
St. Symeon
Trade Items
Dates: 5/2 -Antioch
Pepper: 7/3 -Alexandretta
Special Rules
Populace Level=5
Treasury at Start=25 besants
"Ferocity & Reputation":
First turn of siege, mod. roll by +2, unless
enemy ruler present in town
+2 Besants income/turn when at war with Muslims
Forces at start- (from Force Pool)
Kn (3), Lh (2), Sp (3), Bw (2), Ps (2)
Generals and Advisors [Note- No advisors if Non-player Nation]
Generals at Start
Bohemond- Ruler; imprisoned by Danishmends
Initiative: 5, Loyalty: N/A
Initiative: 5, Loyalty: N/A
Bertrand the Stranger
Initiative: 3, Loyalty: -1
Fulcher of Chartres
Initiative :4, Loyalty: 0
Advisors at Start
Select all (4) Advisors randomly
Victory Conditions:
Control a total of 35 Town Tax Value Points in the winter turn of any year