Eumathius Philokales,
Governor of Cyprus

The Byzantine Empire was only now recoving it's influence in Cilicia and Syria
after the Turkish deluge following the battle of Manzikert in 1071 and the civil wars of years
following. Upon assuming the throne in 1081, the Emperor Alexios Comnenos recognized
that the reconquest of Anatolia was far off if even posssible, and concentrated on maintaining
his Balkan territories. Having almost miraculously secured those, he was beginning to recover
some the Aegean seaboard of Asia Minor when the First Crusade arrived. Fearful of treachery and
a surprise assault on Constantinople, Alexius fed and transported the crusaders to Asia Minor as
soon as he could. As they marched further east, they forgot their oaths to the emperor and began
carving out principalities for themselves. With scant resources available, the emperor appointed
Eumathius Philokales, governor of Cyprus to deal with the situation. An able soldier and diplomat,
Philokales rewarded loyal crusaders and warred on the others.

Strategy- Not easy. Scattered domains and a small force pool add up to trouble.
Mercenaries are clearly the answer, although an expensive one. Use money to make alliances
as soon as possible, tying players to you with trade. Aggresive action is possible if the right
alliances are made. Keep the Hethomians in your camp and protect them. Hang onto Lattakieh
at all costs, as it is an excellent thorn in the side of the syrian players, who will require numerous
garrisons to avoid raids, while you won't. Cyprus is more or less safe, but beware sudden attacks;
if you lose it it is likely to be gone forever. The Seldjuks are quite capable of wiping out your
Anatolian seaboard possessions, so always keep an eye on them.

Territory at start, Trade Items, and Special Rules
Towns at Start
Tarsus (Capitol)
Trade Items
Wine: 6/3 -Nicosia
Olive Oil: 5/2 -Seleucia
Special Rules
Populace Level=5
Treasury at Start=23 besants
"Office of Barbarians":
Add 1 to all skullduggery and Alliance rolls
Forces at start- (from Force Pool)
Lh (3), Sp (2), Ax (2), Ps (2), Fleets (2)
Generals and Advisors [Note- No advisors if Non-player Nation]
Generals at Start
Eumathius Philokales- Ruler;
Initiative: 3, Loyalty: N/A
Initiative: 3, Loyalty: -1
Initiative: 3, Loyalty: 0
Initiative :4, Loyalty: -1
Advisors at Start
Select all (4) Advisors randomly
Victory Conditions:
Control a total of 40 Town Tax Value Points in the winter turn of any year