Melik Ghazi Ibn Gumushtekin,
Sultan of the Danishmenids

The Danishmenids, while not of the Seldjuk dynasty, were also Ghuzz Turks; they
supposedly followed in the wake of the Seldjuk invasion of Asia Minor, conquering a large region
around Sebastea. Malik Ghazi was their most notable scion; an epic poem was even composed
about him, and the epithet "the Wise" was often added to his name. His father, Tailu, was a teacher,
and the dynasty he founded was known for its learning; Melik Ghazi was no exception, being one
of the few Turkish chieftans of his generation who was literate. He soon became known for his
piety and chivalry, and the Great Seldjuks of Persia honoured him by conferring on him the black
standard of the Abbasid Caliphs, an honour which gave him precedence over his great rival and
overlord, Sultan Kilij Arslan, who burned with jealousy over it. Though sometimes allied with Kilij
Arslan (particularly during a crisis such as the First Crusade or the Crusades of 1101, where they
worked closely together) his policy was to act as a counterweight to the Sultan's massive
ambition. For all his reknowned honour Melik Ghazi could also be somewhat unscrupulous at
times, as when he pocketed the entire sum of Bohemond's ransom, over the bitter protests of
Kilij Arslan, who claimed a share as the Danishmend's overlord. Melik Ghazi died in 1106; his
Emirate was divided amongst his sons, and never again reached the same stature as it had
under their illustrious father.

Strategy-Quite straightforward actually: Rapid expansion. With a nice corner position,
it will be difficult to be knocked out of the game by any one player, and allies will have a long march
to dislodge you. This does not mean you are totally safe, however. Immersing yourself in a southern
war, which is probably most advantageous, may bring about a savage Seldjuk attack which could
net them an alarming number of your towns. Use your Turcomen to attack, not defend. Keep them
raiding on foreign soil. Deep penetrations and raids will rob your enemies, especially Edessa,
of the chance to accumulate treasure for a confrontation.

Territory at start, Trade Items, and Special Rules
Towns at Start
Melitene (Capitol)
Trade Items
Iron: 5/2 - Melitene
Spices: 6/3 - Caeserea
Special Rules
Populace Level=5
Treasury at Start=23 besants
"Poor Spies:"
subtract 1 from all skullduggery rolls against Christians
Roll 1d6 stands of free Lh each winter. Pay maintenance
only if on friendly territory. Remove at the beginning
of winter and roll for new stands. Place in capitol.
"Variable income:"
Roll 1d6 worth of bezant and add to treasury
Forces at start- (from Force Pool)
Cv (2), Lh (6), Ax (2), Ps (2)
Generals and Advisors [Note- No advisors if Non-player Nation]
Generals at Start
Gumushtekin- Ruler;
Initiative: 4, Loyalty: N/A
(3) other Generals chosen randomly
Advisors at Start
Select all (4) Advisors randomly
Victory Conditions:
Control a total of 38 Town Tax Value Points in the winter turn of any year.
All towns conquered originally controlled by Seldjuks worth double.