Prince of Hethoum

The head of the Armenian house of Hethoum at this time was Oshin of Lampron.
Greek Orthodox in religion, he was actually a semi-autonomous Byzantine official,
and had served in the Byzantine army. Well known for his bravery, the Emperor Alexios
Komnenos made him Governor of Cilicia, a province heavily colonized by Armenians
since the 10th century. He, along with most other Armenian nobles, represented the interests
of the empire long after the last imperial troops were pulled west. Resented by the common
Armenians as "Emperor's Men" for not being true to the Jacobite Church and for not asserting
independence, these border lords had for 20 years remained nominally part of the empire
while being vassals of the triumphant turks. This middle road kept them playing one side off
against the other well enough to let their people prosper while all around them was chaos.

Strategy- So close to the Byzantines and with the Seljuks breathing down their
necks to the north, you can see why they chose the path they did. Alliance with one of
these states is a must if you want to avoid vassaldom. Playing them of against each
other and remaining a force-in-being might be better than seeking martial glory right
away. Make demands while not risking all-out war until weakness is manifest in those
nearest you. Building up money and saving it for a large force of mercenaries is a good plan.

Territory at start, Trade Items, and Special Rules
Towns at Start
Mamistra (Capitol)
Trade Items
Hemp: 4/2 - Anazarbe
Wool: 6/3 - Mamistra
Special Rules
Populace Level=5
Treasury at Start=20 besants
Forces at start- (from Force Pool)
Cv (2), Lh (2), Sp (2), Ax (2), Ps (2)
Generals and Advisors [Note- No advisors if Non-player Nation]
Generals at Start
Oshin of Lampron- Ruler;
Initiative:2, Loyalty: N/A
Select (3) other Generals randomly
Advisors at Start
Select all (4) Advisors randomly
Victory Conditions:
Control a total of 16 Town Tax Value Points in the winter turn of any year