Kogh Vasil,
The Bandit King

The Roupenians were the bitter enemies of the Hethoumians on every level.
Following a different church, shunning the empire, setting up independent states. Not a
nation anymore than the Hethoumians, the leader Kogh Vasil, "Basil the Robber" was more
of a bandit king than a freedom fighter. He does not truely rule all of the territory shown, but
represents the likeliest ruler to lead Armenian dissidents in the area. Conquered regularly
by the Byzantines, Danishmenids and the Normans of Antioch throughout the 12th century,
it is a tribute to their endurance that their people survived as a cultural unit. It was this family
that eventually resurrected an independent Armenian state. Raymond-Roupen, the son of
a Norman/Armenian marriage even sat on the throne of Antioch.

Strategy- almost hopeless. Pick another nation if you want to remain in play very long.
Bordered on by so many nations seeking elbow room, this weak principality is likely to be
dismembered. Your best strategy is to throw yourself onto the mercy of a larger nation and act as
a buffer zone. Trade exclusively with them. Provide troops if you have too. It is probably your only
hope. If neighbouring nations go to war, you might be able to clip off a town for yourself, but do
not be overly ambitious. People have long memories. Lay low until opportunity presents itself

Note from the Perfect Captain:
The Roupenians were not a nation at this time, and are included as a player for game balance only. In later revisions of the rules they will likely be broken up into individual city states.

Territory at start, Trade Items, and Special Rules
Towns at Start
Maresh (Capitol)
Trade Items
Sugar: 6/3 - Maresh
Wood: 4/2 - Raban
Special Rules
Populace Level=7
Treasury at Start=15 besants
Forces at start- (from Force Pool)
Cv (2), Lh (2), Sp (2), Ax (2), Ps (2)
Generals and Advisors [Note- No advisors if Non-player Nation]
Generals at Start
Kogh Vasil- Ruler;
Initiative: 3, Loyalty: N/A
Select (3) other Generals randomly
Advisors at Start
Select all (4) Advisors randomly
Victory Conditions:
Control a total of 16 Town Tax Value Points in the winter turn of any year