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The Portuguese
The Portuguese had a huge empire as significant and far reaching as their more famous Spanish cousins.
 Their expansion into the east coast of Africa brought them into conflict with various Muslim powers (Particularly
the Ottoman Empire) and even into contact with the Christian kingdom of Ethiopia. These scenarios deal with these areas and the articles provided should give you enough background to make them enjoyable even if you know
nothing about it! You can even come up with some Spanish Fury, Actions! scenarios as well as a mini-campaign
on your own....

If you want to look at the articles (which we strongly recommend, as they are quite extensive)
 with maps and pictures, head over to the files section of our yahoo group.

March 5th, 1589

The scenario is the last part of a campaign that raged for a few years in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Seas…

Finally the Portuguese caught the evil Turkish pirate Mir Ali Bec with 4 Galleys and 1 Fusta in Mombaza,
on the African East Coast. The Turks have built a fort with heavy artillery south of the harbour to protect
 the ships from the east and prevent the Portuguese ships to enter the strait. They have two galleys near it
 and the Portuguese captain, Tomé de Sousa Coutinho, sensing that the time was now, with the sailors
 and soldiers aboard electrified with the sight of the Turkish ships decided to attack. He has 8 Fustas
under Mateus Mendes de Vasconcelos; followed by 8 Galliots and a reserve of 4 galleys under his direct
command.  But by this time, an army of Zimbas (a "canibal" African tribal army) is trying to cross the strait
from the mainland to attack the island (Mombaza).
In the morning of March 5th Mir Ali Bec sent 2 galleys
 to prevent the Zimbas from crossing because it  was possible to do so during low tide.

As the Portuguese squadron arrived the captain ordered all hands on deck with colors flying with fifes
playing and drums beating to announce their arrival to the Turks. Without paying any interest to the Turkish
 artillery the Portuguese fleet headed to the port and
discharged an artillery barrage against the two Turkish
 Galleys without any effect. But the Portuguese capitânia (flagship) was able to send some well aimed volleys
 at the Turkish fort and killed (maybe with some luck) the Maomethan artillery officer.

Most of the Turks lost moral and abandoned the fort heading to the main town. Seeing this, a young
Portuguese officer with half a dozen soldiers got on a small boat from the Galley capitânia and landed near
 the fort, attacking it with "arme blanche"! After killing the rest of the garrison they returned to the Portuguese
 squadron with the Turkish flags.

The Portuguese ships sailed past the fort into the harbour determined to engage the remaining Turkish vessels.
 The Muslims fired two rounds before Mateus Mendes de Vasconcelos and his
soldiers and mariners
boarded the Turkish fleet. The meleé was so fierce, with handguns firing and powder kegs thrown from the
 Portuguese ships that the Turks jumped overboard and swam ashore. Such was the excitement that some
 of the Portuguese jumped after the
Turks in pursuit and the captain had to send a couple of officer ashore to
 rally them. The captain general, Tomé de Sousa sent 100 men to carry the guns from the fort while
 Mateus de Vasconcelos with 2 Galleys, 7 Galliots and 6 Fustas sailed up the strait to attack the 2 remaining
 Turkish Galleys guarding the passage from the main continent against the Zimbas, as Tomé de Sousa remained in
front of the town with the remaining 2 Galleys and Fustas. The combat with the two remaining Turkish Galleys
 was fiercer than the previous because they were the best armed and equipped. The Portuguese once again
grappled the Turkish vessels and an intense hand-to-hand fight, arquebus firing, "Panelas de Pólvora"
mines) throwing ensued with the Portuguese getting the upper hand because of their numbers.
 The Turks lost many men with 70 being taken prisoners. The Portuguese lost a few wounded and two killed.

The rest of the day was spent dividing the spoils of the Turkish
cargo. The King of Mombaza was given 24h,
 by Tomé de Sousa, to deliver all Turks in town. Next day, March 6th, was spent loitering and searching the
 Turkish ships. On the 7th, since the King of Mombaza hadn't sent any information about the Portuguese
terms, the
commander of the fleet, Tomé de Sousa, disembarked 500 soldiers and headed to the town but
found no resistance. They sacked and burnt the buildings, along with a great ship and several small boats,
before returning to the fleet. During the raid a Zimba emissary
reached the Portuguese and requested permission
 to enter the island. The Portuguese captain gave his approval for the next day, March 8th. As the Portuguese
captain had foreseen as soon as the Zimbas entered the island the fugitives, Africans, Arabs and Turks, began
 to run
from their hiding and tried to reach the Portuguese ships. Among them was Mir Ali Bec with 30 soldiers
 and officers along with around 200 Arabs and many more natives. Scores drowned trying to reach the ships.
On the 15th of March arrived two Galleons of the Indian Fleet
that had been "lost" during the crossing from
India in the Arabian Seas to escort the fleet while Tomé de Sousa Coutinho sailed all along the Indian Ocean
and paid visit to the kings of Lamu, Pate and Mandra for their support to the Turks. On the 16th of May 1589
 the fleet arrived in Goa with flying colours and Mir Ali Bec was sent to Portugal where he converted to the
 Catholic faith (I guess the Jesuits had a small part in this mater).

Lanterna! Scenario

The Portuguese have around 500 experienced soldiers divided mainly by the Galleys and Galliots.
They are fierce but difficult to control. The Turks have around 250 soldiers divided by the Galleys
and in the fort. They have better soldiers in the two Galleys blocking the Zimbas.

Portuguese Squadron
Tomé de Sousa Coutinho (Strategy 4/-)
Mateus Mendes de Vasconcelos (Strategy 4/Fierce)
8 Fustas
8 Galliots
4 Galleys (reserve)

Mariners- Experienced
Common/Elite Soldiers

Turkish Squadron
Mir Ali Bec (Strategy 5/ Fierce)
2x Galleys w/ Common Soldiers
2x Galleys w/ Elite Soldiers
1x Fusta

Mariners- Experienced

Victory Conditions
The Portuguese win by taking/destroying the fort, the Turkish fleet and capturing Mir Ali Bec.
The Turks win by preventing the capture of Mombaza. There is no time limit.


Breaking the Ottoman’s Back
Gulf of Oman scenarios:

Cape Lima
10th of August, 1554

Suleiman has ordered The Turkish admiral Alecheluby to send 15 galleys to the Red Sea. He must pass from the Persian Gulf into the Gulf of Oman without fighting the Portuguese armada, under D. Fernando de Meneses, patrolling the area. Near Cape Lima he found the Portuguese ships irregularly formed in three lines sailing in his direction. The first line comprised the galleon Santa Cruz and 23 fustas/catures (plus three following the Turkish squadron); the caravels are in the second line and behind them are the remaining six galleons (São Mateus (flagship), São Sebastião, São Tiago, São Lourenço, São Tomé and the galleon of D. Antão de Meneses). The Turkish fleet is in a single file heading south. Wind: Fair SW.

Portuguese Armada
D. Fernando de Meneses (Strategy 3/-)
D. Antão de Noronha (Strategy 4/Fierce)
(both on the São Mateus)

7x Galleons
6x Square Rigged Caravels
1x Galliot
26x Fustas and Catures

Mariners- Experienced
Common Soldiers

Turkish Squadron
Alecheluby (Strategy 5/-)

15x Galleys

Mariners- Experienced
Common Soldiers

Victory Conditions
The Portuguese win by taking/destroying the Turkish fleet. The Turks win if they escape the Portuguese.

25th of August, 1554

Alecheluby escaped to the Gulf of Oman but the Portuguese outmanoeuvred him and are once again in front of the Turkish fleet. The only Portuguese ship close enough to intercept the Turkish squadron was the São Mateus. Alecheluby raced past the Portuguese ships but the São Mateus droped anchor to stabilise and aimed its guns at the passing Turkish vessels. Nine galleys were able to escape but the tenth was hit by heavy ordnance. Because of their high speed the remaining five galleys hadn’t time to manoeuvre and collided breaking each others oars. Consequently they were in turn boarded one by one by the Portuguese caravels that began to arrive. The fustas positioned between the coast and the Turkish ships to prevent the survivors from reaching dry land. The Portuguese captured the six galleys but the rest of the Turkish fleet was forced to sail east and never reached the Red Sea. Wind: Fair E.

Portuguese Squadron
D. Fernando de Meneses (Strategy 3/-)
D. Antão de Noronha (Strategy 4/Fierce)
(both on the São Mateus)

1x Galleon (São Mateus)
6x Square Rigged Caravels
20x fustas and catures

Mariners- Experienced
Common Soldiers

Turkish Squadron
Alecheluby (Strategy 5/-)

15x Galleys

Mariners- Experienced
Common Soldiers

Victory Conditions
The Portuguese win by taking/destroying 50% of the Turkish fleet. The Turks win if they escape with at least 12 ships.

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