The bravery founded upon the hope of recompense, upon the fear of punishment, upon the experience of success, upon rage, upon ignorance of dangers, is common bravery, and does not merit the name. True bravery proposes a just end, measures the dangers, and, if it is necessary, the affront, with coldness.

- Francois de La Noue
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The Perfect Captain


A complete system of warfare for 16th Century Europe
Including Large & Small scale land warfare modules, one for
Naval warfare, a Campaign, a Siege Game, and piracy in the Caribbean!
We've got it covered!
Spanish Fury is a complete games system, enabling players to enjoy the period in virtually every scale almost anywhere in
Europe, from Portugal to Urals.

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Sixteenth century commanders and military commentators naturally realized that these different forms of warfare required different types of soldier: one for garrison duty and mass manoeuvres, the other for guerilla action. On the whole they agreed that it was more difficult to find troops who excelled in skirmish-and-surprise, in what the English called 'Actions' of war.
At some point during a campaign a commander knew he had to consider hazarding his army to all-out battle against an opposing army. There were no guaratees- better quality troops, armaments, numbers, all of them faced the fortunes of war; a flank turned or ambushed, a fanatic foe standing up to your best regiments- all could lead to a lost army and a lost campaign...
This stand alone boardgame will allow you to play out a siege of a Sixteenth century Town or Fortress from the pounding of the first spade into the earthto the capture of the town square! Included are two maps, one of a town on a river and one of a coastal port, counters for companies of Foot, Horse, Pioneers and Cannon, and a complete generation system for creating your own scenarios quickly and easily.
Modern navies were born in the Sixteenth century, with massive shipbuilding projects bankrupting nations. New designs were lifted from the drawing table after every major engagement taught commanders that the old ways were dead- now ships had to be nimble, heavily gunned and sailed by professionals.
Individual battles and skirmishes has no meaning outside the context of the campaign they were part of. A titanic victory could be all but thrown away by a commander who did not know what to do to exploit his good fortune- strike for the enemy capitol? Secure supply lines? Get bogged down in a siege? These were the decisions that would make or break a nation.
When officers or heroes meet on the field of battle, whether on the deck of a ship, the parapets of a town, or in some obscure country lane, it was the swiftest and most skilled with three feet of steel that decided the issue.
The new world was officially closed to foreigners whether for trade or travel. That didn't stop the French, then English Corsairs from sweeping into the region to sell their wares at gunpoint or to pillage any town that couldn't put up a fight. On the high sea no quarter was offered or given.
Spanish Infantry Flags for 15mm
English Infantry Flags for 15mm
Spanish Cavalry Flags for 15mm
English Cavalry Flags for 15mm
Paper Miniatures
Huguenot Flags for 15mm
The Huguenots
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French Catholic 1 Flags for 15mm
French Catholic 2 Flags for 15mm