"Get him the posturing book, and's leaden men, To set upon a table, 'gainst his mistress
chance to come by, that he may draw her in,
and shew her Finsbury battells."

- Ben Jonson, "The Devil is an Ass" 1616
What is The Perfect Captain?
  We are a small group of gamers with some big ideas! We like to play and design boardgames, miniatures rules, and campaign games for a host of periods. We have a yahoo group that supports our products. By the way,  maybe we should mention that our goods are totally FREE! If you'll be so kind as to look below, you'll see a list of products under the headings of their historical periods. Each one of these has its own webpage with a bit of background, a list of variants, and of course, the download.

   Since we are ALWAYS developing new products, the best way to keep up with what's new with the Captain is up to is to join our Yahoo group! There we discuss the games and the hobby in general.

Welcome friend, to the home of that notorious machiavel,
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The Captain's philosophy~
What are we after? The holy grail of game design for us is a system that emerses the players in the period such that they recognize elements particular to warfare from that time, while making the game playable and eliminating record keeping. Quite a balancing act! We don't go for fast play, but neither do we like cumbersome rules that crush players under the details.

We're also after the periods that are a little more obscure- even when we pick more popular eras, we choose odd scales or different perspectives. We create campaign systems for all periods we play, so that we get past the one-off type games and onto something that you feel like you have more "invested" in.

You'll notice that when you try to download any of our products, you are faced with our Charities section. Why? Why not! Since our stuff is free, we figure you've got some extra dough in your pocket you'll just end up blowing on something stupid (well, we would!). Considering how far a few bucks can go toward helping children right here and worldwide,
(and you'd be stuck dumb if you saw what $12 a month can do in some countries) it would be a good thing to encourage others to help out.
Famous lines from the staff of The Captain over the years...

"Armenia, the scene of my de-pantsing"
Successors, S&T

"I am never, ever, ever, playing this game again"
Battle of the Bulge, Avalon Hill

"Can I fire at my allies?"
Wooden Ships and Iron Men, Avalon Hill

"Oh No! Not the Sodbuster!"
Gunslinger, Avalon Hill

"This game gets more unreal the more you play it. Let's never play it again"
War of 1812, Columbia

"Ping! Hahaaahahaahahahahaah, he's dead!!!!!"
Spanish Fury, Siege, Perfect Captain

"I CAN entrench on a bridge. All I'd need is to use a pick to dig a foxhole 1" deep and it counts!"
Cross of Iron, Avalon Hill

"I don't understand this era. That's the way the Viet Cong would have done it!"
Huguenots vs. Royalists, File Leader by Partizan Press

"Could you please explain how, when you started with 4 armoured units and I killed two, that you still have 4 armoured units? Eh, Mr. Cheater?"
Tactics II, Avalon Hill

The 'Vlad' unit is now entering the hall of fame right beside the Walloons from 'Prague'
Alma, Series 120 (GDW)

And for your amusement........