"What is all our histories, but God showing himself, shaking and trampling on everything that he has not planted."

-Oliver Cromwell
Welcome comrade, to the page that asks, "King or Parliament"?
... with Cards for the Armies of Scotland, including Montrose's troops, as well as all of the regional forces of England (The North, Cornwall, The Oxford army, etc) and Ireland!

Very Civile Actions!
Why not? We have in our group about 800 figures that had been gathering dust for years. We used to play the ECW quite a bit in the old days, but it had fallen out of favour due to a lack of rules we could agree on. Yet we remembered the good old days, the days of William Brereton, Marmaduke Langdale, the Five Members.... and then we figured, hey, lets make some Actions cards, darn it! Since we're making cards, lets come up with a campaign system, and lets call it "Tinker Fox". Then we can finally get the "Battlefinder" system launched! That's how it happened. True story! Then we made "Planter Fox" as a surprise Christmas present for y'all.

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The Perfect Captain


An English Civil War variant for Spanish Fury, Actions!
also for use with "Tinker Fox", a campaign game of garrison warfare in the midlands of England, 1642-1646, and "Planter Fox" for the Irish Wars 1641-1652"

What do we get here?
OK. Even though we only meant to make cards for the troops inhabiting the midlands of England, we kind of covered the whole war.... except Ireland (a variant in the future?). So, you get Northern Royalists, Cornishmen, New Model Army, Firelockmen, Artillery, Dragoons, Ulster Catholics, and the Lagan Army, and both sides in the adventures of Montrose, from Gordon Horse to Highland Archers! Further, we made all new officer counters for you to develop those bonds gamers love to have with their cardboard heroes. Wait, there's more! We even redid a bunch of marker counters. We can't have a picture of a 16th century Spaniard surrendering on our prisoner counters!!!!!! So not you have a forlorn 17th century musketeer.

What is the scale?
The scale is the same as in our other Actions! incarnations. Each stand is a squadron representing anything from 25-50 men (although you can make it 10-25 men if you so choose). Squadrons are grouped into companies of up to six stands. Each company is led by an officer (counters shown above) with his own characterists that he adds or takes away from the troops he commands. This allows you to refight smaller battles like Ripple Field, Powick Bridge,  or Hopton Heath as opposed to Naseby or Marston Moor.

Are there scenarios or lists?
Not at this time. We really meant this to be used with the Tinker Fox or Planter Fox  campaign games. That will generate battles of all sizes and shapes for you!

....and the future?
This system is soooo expandable the sky is the limit. Watch for perhaps a Thirty Years War version of Tinker Fox- "The Huntsman of Soest"...?