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"The union of all the new State formations in Russia, and of all Russians who understand and care for the interests of the State, is all the more possible because the Volunteer Army has no reactionary aims in view, and does not decide beforehand what the future form of the State in Russia shall be, nor even in what way the Russian nation shall declare its will"

- General Denikin to the Rada of the Land of Kuban, 14 November, 1918
Welcome comrade, to the page that will make you go red (or white)
What 'ya got for us, Cap'n?
We have completely outdone ourselves this time! What if I told you this was a campaign game that takes maybe 30 minutes to create from scratch, with limitless scenarios, a different map each and every time, and has counters representing the following armies and their equipment: Reds (All over Russia), Whites (Kolchak, Deniken, Wrangel, Yudenich, Komuch, Kappelites etc), Greens (Mahknovists), Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Poles, Armenians, Turks, French, Greeks, Japanese, American, British Empire (Including Canadians,  Australians, and Indians), and Freikorps.
What Scale?
Anywhere from Regimental up to Divisional. You decide (based on what you've got painted up in the way of figures!). Turns represent roughly 1-2 days, and the "map" somewhere between 36-60km.
How does it play?
The scenario dictates one player to be the aggressor who starts with the Strategic Initiative (SI). Each turn players pick a Tactic: For the player with SI it can be Probe Enemy Line, Assault and Hold, or Breakthrough. His opponent chooses from a slightly more passive list, including Fighting Withdrawal, Hold, and Counterattack. Players then choose an order based on the Tactic for each card space that has an officer present. The player with the SI then executes his orders one by one- if he plays an order which does not result in an engagement, then his opponent can act. If the player with the SI fails in a battle he may lose the SI to the other player, so plan carefully. Each player also receives resources to spend on Artillery and Aircraft missions, including bombardments of varying intensity, Bombing and Strafing, and even Leaflet Drops!
Paper Miniatures!

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Rather than write out a half-baked history of the period, I'm go to rely on the work of others!
These links give both general and specific detail- some are historical, and a few are hobbyists sites.

Jackson Gamer's Russian Civil War site
Our favorite games site on this period. Great fun, good source of info and bibliography

Russian Civil War yahoo group
If you are interested in this period and not a member of this group, you are crazy!

Osprey Publishing
Makers of books on White, Red, and Freikorps armies with colour plates

The Internationale
Sing it all the way to the firing squad....

Wrangel's Invasion
A useful account of the re-invasion of the "mainland"

The Briefest overview
For those who know nothing about the period

Greek army in Southern Russia
Order of Battle

Polish Avaition of the Russo-Polish War
Start painting!

Haller's Polish Army
An excellent history of the unit that served on the Western Front and the RPW

Austro-Hungarian Land Forces
So comprehensive it defies description

Austin Armoured Cars
Info on this ubiquitous vehicle from the period

Russian and Latvian history 1918-20
Some good info here, with maps

Polish Raid on Kovel, 1920
Detailed Account

Yudenich's Army
Trotsky's list of units in Yudenich's army

Reichwehr and Freikorps
Some hard to find data
What's the map like?
More than the usual goods. We have made a map system based on cards that plays as part of the campaign but also dictates what the tabletop battle board looks like- no guess work. A mapsheet is provided withlinked spaces 6 X 6. You choose cards randomly to place on it and create your own board. Special rules are provided for rivers and rail lines.
How about Chrome?
Tanks of all sorts, Armoured Cars, Aircraft, Armoured Trains, and a whole passal of new armies AND new leaders AND new cards for troop types. Cards for terrain that are named for memorable geographical features- we've fought decisively over "The Dacha by the Lake" and "Hill 621" recently.....

Six scenarios are included:
The Ice March (Volunteer Army vs Reds 1918)
Once Upon a Time on the Steppe (Volunteer Army vs Reds 1920)
To Warsaw and Beyond (Polish vs Reds 1920)
Slitting the Trans-Siberian Jugular (Interventionists vs Red Partisans, 1919)
Turning the Flank at Reval (Freikorps vs Estonians, 1919)
Petlura's Last Chance (Ukrainians vs Reds, 1920)