The Perfect Captain
You are pitiful isolated individuals; you are bankrupts; your role is played out. Go where you belong from now on -- into the dustbin of history!

- Leon Trotsky, who always seemed a little uptight...
Three's the charm!
  Not again, Krazkom??? Yes worker, just when you thought it was safe, yet another incarnation of Actions!  What can we say? It works! With this newest version we have brought in many new ideas to make the system suitable for modern warfare. This is not just a Russian Civil War tack-on to our previous rules. Take a look and you'll see what we mean. New! Trust me! Even the rules are in booklet form!  
Welcome comrade, to the page that will make you go red (or white)
What's included
There's a whole lot of stuff in this little download. We have individual platoon cards for White, Red, Polish, Friekorps, Mahknovist, and Nationalist armies (Estonians, Latvians, Ukranians, etc). Units such as White Cossacks, Konarmy cavalry, Makhnovist Tchankas, Plastoons, Freikorps Lancers, Polish Lancers, Czechs, British Interventionists... all kinds.
We have included a whole pile of new troop types and vehicles- Polish Legionnaires, French Metropolitan and Colonial infantry, Finnish Jagers, Americans, Japanese, Turks...... I don't think we left anyone out this time! We finally included the Whippet, among others vehicles.
Remember, the values you see on the new cards represent the Interventionist versions of the troops in question- The low values on say, the French cards don't represent poor quality troops; they represent unmotivated soldiers sick of war.
How about chrome?
Everyone loves chrome! How about Tanks and Airplanes? We also have extensive rules for artillery and engineering. Don't forget about comapny & leader characteristics, which make Actions rules such fun. Some new ratings include Storm, Specialist and Partisan troops, with leaders from all nationalities. Red leaders, watch out; if the Mob you're cajoling into attack formation doesn't feel like following orders, there is always a commissar who would love to "remove" you and take over......

Yes, we have scenarios. We did things a little differently this time. We don't have "National Force Tables" anymore, where it generates and army for you. Now, we have variable (and totally hidden) point totals from which you can buy troops and other goodies from army lists. Remember however, the Captain does not believe in fair fights- you will probably never have the same point total as your opponent. Further, you can buy reinforcements for half the cost of troops set up at start. Unfortunately, they may never actually get to the battlefield.....
Is there a campaign system included?
YES! It is fully integrated with the Red Actions system. Check it out right here
Paper Miniatures!

Other Stuff

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Rather than write out a half-baked history of the period, I'm go to rely on the work of others!
These links give both general and specific detail- some are historical, and a few are hobbyists sites.

Jackson Gamer's Russian Civil War site
Our favorite games site on this period. Great fun, good source of info and bibliography

Russian Civil War yahoo group
If you are interested in this period and not a member of this group, you are crazy!

Osprey Publishing
Makers of books on White, Red, and Freikorps armies with colour plates

The Internationale
Sing it all the way to the firing squad....

Wrangel's Invasion
A useful account of the re-invasion of the "mainland"

The Briefest overview
For those who know nothing about the period

Greek army in Southern Russia
Order of Battle

Polish Avaition of the Russo-Polish War
Start painting!

Haller's Polish Army
An excellent history of the unit that served on the Western Front and the RPW

Austro-Hungarian Land Forces
So comprehensive it defies description

Austin Armoured Cars
Info on this ubiquitous vehicle from the period

Russian and Latvian history 1918-20
Some good info here, with maps

Polish Raid on Kovel, 1920
Detailed Account

Yudenich's Army
Trotsky's list of units in Yudenich's army

Reichwehr and Freikorps
Some hard to find data