The Perfect Captain
A system that enables you to create your own campaign game using  the map, cards and counters provided, with some basic rules included to boot!
Welcome designer, to the page that asks, "Why not make you own game"?
You’re Henry II Curtmantle:


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The Perfect Captain


Does this describe you?
You have a funny epithet, your Welsh subjects are in revolt, and you have no map showing the way to their wooded stronghold, so you can clobber them and get back to that important meeting with your Justiciar (whatever that is)….
You’re Edward the Black Prince:
You have a cool epithet, but you’re lost somewhere in France on your joyride…er, chevauchée, and need to find a path back to Bordeaux, were your box lunch of lampreys (blecch) is getting cold….
You’re Margaret of Anjou:
And you just need a plot of dirt to set your fidgety Lancastrians up on, because that nasty lothario, Edward IV is just over the next rise…..
You’re Henri de Rohan:
You just remembered you were planning yet another War of Religion just after elevenses, but you don’t remember what town you were to raise the standard of revolt in….
If you are one of these generals, or a reasonable modern facsimile, and you can’t find a decent campaign game that addresses your need to outmaneuver, entrap, destroy and plunder your threatening foes…
Why not just make your own? It’s easy with The Perfect Captain’s

Yes, you too can now make your own saucy little mini-campaign game for any era ranging to 1000AD up to 1700AD! Now with two scenarios, Tinker Fox and A La Huguenotte

All you need is our new little game kit- based on our own “Beyond the River Don” mini-campaign system.

Using the deck of 64 full colour cards (and a recent addition of even more!), each representing a 4’x6’ miniature tabletop battlefield (many based on actual historical Western European  battlefields), you can build a campaign framework for a myriad of tactical situations. The components included in Battlefinder can be used in a number of fascinating ways:
1.     Just want to fight a battle? Shuffle the deck, draw a card, and set up your terrain- that’s it.

2.     One’s not enough? Using our linear campaign rules, a string of battles may be generated simulating the conquering march of your invincible army! Why only beat your pals once? Try three of four times- that’ll teach them how bitter life can be!

3.     Or, for real fun, try our maneuver campaign rules! There’s force counters, order and control markers, even revenue and siege rules, all offering guidelines as to how can craft your own mini-campaign. There’s lots of room for some ingenious rule crafting of your own (why let us have all the fun…and power!) Your only limit is your creativity… truly hundreds of map configurations are possible!

4.     Finally, if you just head over to out Tinker Fox page, you’ll see an example of just what an enterprising game designer can come up with using this game kit…our own English Civil War Tinker Fox campaign game! We've also added A La Huguenotte to include late 16th century Europe.
So why be slave to mean and nasty game designers (like us), when you can have it all your own way!