The Perfect Captain
"For your dessert I present you with a sausage (a cloth casing stuffed with gunpowder) which has  given as good an account of itself as the one at Millau; we put it up against the house of the sieur de Montestier at La Mure, a house banked up and defended. Set in place by Monsieur de Poligny, our sausage did such damage that, according to the best informed, it made more debris than 100 cannon shots, bringing down two pavillions and sending the sentinels up into the air. We got inside, due to this sausage..."

-The Huguenot Captain Arabin, who I will NOT be inviting to a barbeque anytime soon.
Welcome friend, to the page that asks, "Rome or Geneva, or Wittenburg"?


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The Perfect Captain

A Wars of Religion campaign game of garrison warfare on the continent, 1562-1603 using the BATTLEFINDER system!
A La Huguenotte!
Now you can build your own campaign for anything going in Western Europe! Scenarios could easily be made for any of the local fighting between Huguenots and Royalists, or when Henry of Navarre  becomes King, between the Royalists and the League. Other fertile areas would be the Netherlands between Spanish and Dutch forces, or after the Pacification of Ghent, Spanish versus Flemings and Walloons. With some slight backdating you could wow your friends with a campaign from the Schmalkaldic Wars! I can also see how this would work for  border warfare in the Balkans between Imperial and Turkish forces, or in Livonia between Swedes and Poles! Supplements are fun and easy to produce...
What is A La Huguenotte?
For a full description of the system, look at the "Philosophy of Tinker Fox" on the Tinker Fox webpage. What we have done with A La Huguenotte is to bring the campaigning to the continent, and with it some "feel" that is different for the English Civil War. There are more and varied troop types; rules governing Foreign Volunteers and Mercenaries, and a new way of looking at the countryside, enabling players to lay a groundwork of operations before the game begins through "Affiliation Points".
We have included THREE HISTORICAL SCENARIOS, three separate campaign games, one set in the Netherlands and two in France, each with the actual leaders present, one including the King of Navarre himself, Henry IV.
This game is meant to be used with our Spanish Fury, Actions! miniatures rules for smaller battles, with forces up to 1500 per side.

You need the Tinker Fox rules to play this!
How about some light reading? The multi-volume set of The Memoirs of Maximillian de Bethune, later Duke of Sully ready to download in PDF format. The first volume has details of the partisan war fought
"A La Huguenotte" (on a shoestring)
in southern France. Check it out HERE
How does it play? Like Tinker Fox, players take the role of Governor or Generalissimo of a region. They must plot their campaign to grab key towns and districts to create a strong  base, while keeping their enemies from doing the same. Scenarios can vary victory conditions, like having to raise troops for the main army far away or to knock out a specific town. How to do it is up to you.... slipping a garrison commander some cash to lower a rope over the walls, or blow through them suddenly with a petard when everyone's asleep. Cut a swath through enemy territory, burning and pillaging, or lay siege to his capitol!
Some of the map of the Netherlands
....and some of the south of France
How are engagements resolved?
Well, aren't you in luck! Engagements are resolved seemlessly using our 'Spanish Fury, Actions!' rules (which you can download free). We even have a set of rules called 'Duel' for when your two favorite officers meet on the field (or you can challenge them during the campaign!).