The army of the queen hath got the field: My uncles both are slain in rescuing me;
And all my followers to the eager foe Turn back and fly, like ships before the wind
Or lambs pursued by hunger-starved wolves.

Richard, Duke of York- Henry VI Part III
Welcome friend, to the page that asks, "York or Lancaster" (or Tudor) ?


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The Perfect Captain


Lancaster! Lancaster!
Richard III Society
Chock full of info!
Amazing Pictures
Some extremely well painted minis for inspirational and painting guide purposes
Wars of the Roses
Excellent intro to the period with details about personages, battles and politics
List of Battles
Including a roster of all the nobles present
As promised here is the rogue's gallery of the Lancastrian leadership. The figures have been painted over a period of twenty years! Some of symbols on their stand of the characters represented, either from history or from one of the four plays that Shakespeare wrote about the period.

Exeter! mon droit!
A Clifford!
Clutching a torn Yorkist standard- he fought at a half dozen major battles.
Rutland's blood stains the napkin- Plantagenet ......  I come!
Who's war-like ears could never brook retreat!
Wiltshire for Lancaster!
Leading from the rear..... he didn't want to mess up that pretty face!
Somerset! Souvient!
Can't wait to get at the House of York! A clever and brave commander.
Esperance! Percy!
Not the famous one, but tough enough!
A Talbot! England!
Gwrymiau achos Lancaster!
Not quite comfortable as a Lancastrian, he went Yorkist after Towton.
He never submitted or gave up hope...sniff
Buckingham for the King!
The arrow is a reminder of St. Albans I...
Actually sat out most of the war, but did show up for the Ludford campaign.
A Courtenay!
An active Partisan, he marched his affinity from Devon to Hull for the Queen.
Beaumont, Boulogne!
A court-party noble, he held numerous high offices until done to death at Northampton.
He was late for St. Alban's, but proved his loyalty later by conspiring against Edward IV.
Oxford, Oxford for Lancaster!
A stout Captain, he held Calais for Somerset and refused orders to hand it over!
Welles, Calais!
Tailboys, my right arm!
You're nobody if this man didn't try to kill you in the mid 15th century!