The army of the queen hath got the field: My uncles both are slain in rescuing me;
And all my followers to the eager foe Turn back and fly, like ships before the wind
Or lambs pursued by hunger-starved wolves.

Richard, Duke of York- Henry VI Part III
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The Perfect Captain


A York! A York!
Richard III Society
Chock full of info!
Amazing Pictures
Some extremely well painted minis for inspirational and painting guide purposes
Wars of the Roses
Excellent intro to the period with details about personages, battles and politics
List of Battles
Including a roster of all the nobles present
The Yorkist leadership in full colour! The figures have been painted over a period of twenty years! Some of symbols on their stand of the characters represented, either from history or from one of the four plays that Shakespeare wrote about the period.
Who will pluck the White Rose with me?
The Sunne in Splendour!
De Hirundine!
His fiery ambitions would hasten the fall of the Plantagenet dynasty
The lusty Edward IV, as king, striding confidently to certain victory!
A little Lord, but with a mighty arm!
Ne Vile velis!
Old Salisbury, crafty patriarch of the younger Neville branch.
A Warwick, A Warwick!
Who does not tremble when the bear doth shake his bells?
Desire, Neville!
Younger brother to Warwick, but a greater commander, a destroyer of 
Lancastrian hopes!
The Valiant Montague!
As Fortune Will!
Like much of his family, an early supporter for York.
The loyal Hastings, fast friend to Edward IV- and fellow to his debaucheries…
Proud Pole!
More careful and than his ambitious father- he died in his bed, at least!
Like the swallow of his motto, Fitzalan was a wily lord who took few chances, and ended up on the winning side.
Bourchier for York!
Bourchier and Essex!
The patriarch of his large clan, and early prop and kinsman to the house of York.
Je Le Tiens! Audley!
Captured by the Yorkists who fought and killed his father, he turned his coat- and profited from it!
The doughtey founder of what would become one of England's greatest dynasties.
Toujours Loyal!
A Paper Crown
The Rugged Ogle!
A fierce border lord: a rough commixture of outlaw and courtier, and fearless in battle.
Ruthyn! Foy en tout!
The famous traitor of Northampton- don’t turn your back on him!
The Black Bird of Bolton!
Another restless warlord of the North, Scrope supported the Nevilles, in good times and bad.
Stanley! Sans Changer!
But change he did- time and again…
Devereux and Ferrers!
A son of the Welsh Marches, and the strong right hand of Lord Herbert.
Wenlock! Je Veux Bon Guerre!
A great warrior, he proved a poor turncoat, and so felt the blade of Somerset’s displeasure- and his poleaxe!
Black William Cometh!
The scourge of Lancastrian Wales!