Forsooth, a great arithmetician, one Michael Cassio, a Florentine' A fellow almost damn'd in a fair wife that never set a squadron in the field, nor the division of a battle knows more than a spinster; unless the bookish theoric, where in the toga'd consuls can propose as masterly as he; mere prattle without practice Is all his soldiership.

-Iago, Shakespeare's Othello
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A complete system of warfare for 16th Century Europe Including Large & Small scale land warfare modules, one for Naval warfare, a Campaign, a Siege Game, and piracy in the Caribbean!
Regimental formations in Pistolado II
Regimental formations in Pistolado II are represented in a manner meant to be as simple as possible while capturing as much of the realities of the period as we could. Rather than break regiments up into main bodies with individual sub-units maneuvering independently, every regiment fights and reacts as a single unit. So while the formations are abstracted, the tactical choices of the regimental commanders are available to players in Pistolado II. 

Most foot regiments have three possible formations: Column (best suited for melee), Shot Forward (for enhanced shooting) and Hedgehog (for all-around protection), and Enfants Perdus always deploy as Loose. Horse regiment form up either in En-Haye (in line), Column (for depth), Caracole (for Pistol-armed Horse) or Loose (for Light Horse).

The images below show how we portray these formations on the tabletop. You'll notice there can be quite a bit of latitude even with the same regiments using the same formation. For example, the Reiters in column are shown six, four and two stand deeps. These are all allowable. Players thus have the flexiblitiy that period officers did, often setting their regiment's ranks and files depending on available space, or the lack of it!

Landsknechts in Column
Landsknechts in Shot Forward

Landsknechts in Hedgehog

English Veteran Enfants Perdus in Loose Order

Reiters in Column
Infantry Regiment Formations
Horse Regiment Formations
Reiters in Caracole

Huguenot 'Millers' in Column

Huguenot 'Millers' in En Haye

Huguenot 'Millers' in with Commanded Shot

Dutch Gendarmes with Skirmishing Horse
Stradiots in Loose Order

Petronels in Loose Order